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Ochre Wine Bistro is a synthesis of rare and beautiful ingredients
where sight, flavour and harmony is paramount.

About Ochre Wine Bistro

We are located in the very edge of Oia in Santorini. Our establishment offers an amazing view to the sunset with two outdoor levels, a cafe & snack area and our main dining area.

Besides accommodating groups of the all sizes, Ochre is the right bistro for couples. You can enjoy the famous sunset by enjoying your favorite cocktail from our Cocktail – Champagne Bar or have full menu diner.

With gourmet foods and exceptional wines Ochre will add a little magic to your evening.

With our indoor and outdoor areas, especially dedicated to private parties of up to one hundred guests, Ochre excels at hosting private events.

We devote all our resources, no matter if it’s the wine, food, service or expertise, to make sure everything goes flawlessly. The Philosophy of Ochre is to offer the highest possible quality of Greek flavors with a vast selection of Greek and International wines.

Here at Ochre we try to offer what we call today “Value for Money” and that means for us, excellent service and a pure dining experience.

About Santorini And Oia

Santorini is also known as Thira, the main city of the island is Fira. The dramatically steep cliffs of the island are a result of one of the largest volcanic eruptions in recorded history. In 1600 B.C, the volcano erupted and created what we know now as Santorini. This was called the Minoan Eruption, and the island of Thira sank to the bottom of the caldera.

The cliffs rise dramatically up to 330 meters above the sea and spreads out for at least 2 km along Caldera.
Most of the visitors come here to admire its unique architecture, captains’ houses, Blue Domes, cave houses and the sunset. Watching the sunset is one of the best things to do in Oia, it’s like a ritual! Everyone flocks to watch the sun dip beneath the sea in the distance. The sunset colors complete the extraordinary beauty and offer you an unforgettable sight. It is no wonder that a few movies have been filmed in Oia, for its beauty is unprecedented.

As for sights, one of the best museums of Santorini is in Oia. The Naval Maritime Museum has one of the richest collections in Greece which depicts the naval history of the island. The Byzantine Castle Ruins are a place where you can not only witness a part of the island’s past, but also take some amazing pictures. As an extra bonus, this also considered to be a romantic place that has a great view of the caldera. Oia also has a small port, Ammoudi, which can be reached by a set of 300 steps leading down. There, small boats can take you opposite, to the island of Thirassia. The beach of Armenis is also located there.

Finally, your eyes would definitely set on the characteristic windmill that adorns the village.

Our Fun Fact

Every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, we offer couples and families that order products in our bakery a complimentary box of bagels

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Every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, we offer couples and families that order products in our bakery a complimentary box of bagels

Crunch Walnut

Head Chief

Crunch Walnut

Head Chief

Crunch Walnut

Head Chief

Restaurant with a Greek Cuisine

Restaurant is proud to be serving the highest possible quality of Greek flavors


Google reviews

Amazing!!! We made reservations the night before and were placed right at the corner of the terrace with the best view of the sunset. The service was great and the food also!!! We even got offered blankets once it got chilly and really windy. Highly recommend!
Valentina Franco
This place is amazing. Was recommended to us by a friend and it did not disappoint. The staff was the friendliest we had in Oia and the food was amazing. Best ravioli I’ve ever had! Would highly recommend!
Julie Oswald
Go here! Seriously! If you want delicious food, great wine, friendly service, amazing views of the sunset, and a quiet and romantic atmosphere. We went for our 10th Anniversary and I couldn’t have asked for more!
Jessica Harkins